Prince Andrew appears with his lawyer at the Queen

Because of abuse
With a lawyer to the mother: Prince Andrew came to the Queen with his legal adviser

Prince Andrew had to appear at the Queen and collect his sanctions

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On Wednesday evening, Prince Andrew had to appear with the Queen for a crisis meeting at Windsor Castle. But the accused in a case of abuse did not come alone, he had his lawyer with him.

Not without my lawyer – that seems to be the motto of Queen Elizabeth II’s third-born child, who now had to appear at his mother’s place of appeal. Prince Andrew is being sued in the US by Virginia Giuffre for sexual abuse, a delicate situation for the prince.

The audience with the highest member of the British royal family, the Queen, is said to have lasted 90 minutes. Hour and a half of Prince Andrew laying out his royal sanctions. He was stripped of all military titles and the Queen’s second son is also rid of his royal patronage.

The lawyer “Good News Gary” cannot stand by Prince Andrew at the Queen’s side

Prince Charles and Prince William are also said to have spoken out in favor of Andrew’s exit from the British monarchy. Both are just as keen as the Queen to protect the royal family’s standing at all costs. Who was unable to join the conversation was Prince Andrew’s attorney, Gary Bloxsome.

The Duke’s lawyer waited a whopping 90 minutes in a car outside the castle walls. It is unclear whether the defendant’s lawyer was not allowed into the palace or whether the lawyer was only to accompany the Duke on the way to give him final legal instructions. Presumably the emergency lawyer that Prince Andrew might have an urgent legal question during the critical talk was waiting in the parking lot.

The star lawyer representing the Duke of York in the abuse lawsuit actually has the nickname “Good News Gary” because he is known for being able to present facts primarily optimistically. However, there is not much optimism left in this case, as a lawyer for US law explained star opposite to. The Duke of York will most likely have to pay millions in damages to the plaintiff.

Source: Daily Mail


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