Pop singer: Ute Freudenberg suffers from Parkinson’s disease

Ute Freudenberg suffers from Parkinson’s disease

Ute Freudenberg does not want to celebrate her 50th stage anniversary until next year. Photo: Hendrik Schmidt/dpa-Zentralbild/dpa

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The illness slowed down her life in many areas, the 66-year-old said on a talk show. But she doesn’t want to let her get her down.

The “Jugendliebe” singer Ute Freudenberg has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s for years. She spoke about this for the first time on Friday evening on the MDR talk show “Riverboat”.

So far, she has felt the effects mainly in her right arm and hand. “I just enjoy life too much to let it get me down,” said the 66-year-old from Weimar.

The diagnosis came in May 2018. Before that, she suddenly couldn’t hold the pen properly during an autograph session and felt something “like electric shocks” in her body. After numerous visits to the doctor, the diagnosis was finally made.

“This disease slows everything down. You undress more slowly, make slower movements, the gait changes. And I will try everything to slow down this disease, »said the pop singer.

She does not know what effects Parkinson’s will have on her in the future. Her voice has not changed so far. In addition, she still has all her texts in her head. Nevertheless, she will only celebrate her 50th stage anniversary this year with a tour next year.


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