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Annalena Baerbock (that look, those boots!) Has her left hand exactly there, at belly button level, where she can open her blue blazer in a split second. To access the revolver suspected under the blazer with the other hand. Lightning fast. The three tough guys next to her, Robert Habeck, Olaf Scholz and Christian Lindner, are, like Baerbock, in the high-noon cradle step. How he can only think of Hollywood or Berlin politics.

“The Magnificent Seven”: The residents of the Mexican village are not sure that they want to be saved, but Yul Brynner (center) starts anyway.

(Photo: IFTN / imago / United Archives)

You don’t even have to have spent half your life in the cinema (but that doesn’t hurt either), you don’t have to be a western historian to get the perfectly timed Now-it-Go-Now appearance by the coalition on Wednesday in front of those waiting To understand journalists in Berlin’s Westhafen as an astonishing remake of “The Glorious Seven”. Either the best western in the world, directed by John Sturges in 1960, or the best conceivable legacy of “The Seven Samurai”, which Akira Kurosawa had made a world cinema cultural asset six years earlier. The heirs, however, include many other iconic moments of the art of signaling to the world that it is about to be saved from the abyss or – this is of course also a possibility – is being plundered. For more information on the counter-financing of the coalition project, if there is no heart condition, please refer to the political section of the SZ.

Janeane Garofalo, Kel Mitchell, Wes Studi, William H. Macy, Hank Azaria, Ben Stiller, Paul Reubens Characters: The Bowler, T

Mixed troupe: “Mystery Men” from 1999.

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In terms of scenery, the location of the drama has been cleverly chosen. Berlin in November basically looks like the run-down Cattle Corner station in “Play Me a Song of Death”, only much uglier and more humid. And, on the other hand, Germany, we are now back in the setting of the glorious seven, after years under the dictates of the Union, is reminiscent of a poor Mexican village as a whole, no one will deny. Only the fax machines are still working. Dust and loneliness everywhere. You are also constantly haunted by masked crooks. The masks were provided by someone from the CSU.

The series of images of associations, which can never be owed to chance, but only to the calculation of a staging genius, goes much further. “The Matrix” comes to mind. Or, on a completely different topic, the scene in “Armageddon” with Bruce Willis, when the world savers set off into space. Olaf Scholz sometimes shows a Bruce Willis-like determination in terms of hairstyle that can hardly be distinguished from the Yul Brynner-like Grimm from “The Glorious Seven”. “Ocean’s Eleven” is also conceivable as a reference. Possibly even “Ocean’s 8” – if those in Berlin are still working on the women’s quota, so that Calamity Jane of the Greens doesn’t always have to shoot everything down by herself.

Munich stories

“Munich Stories”: In the episode “The Long Road to Sacramento” Achmed (Towje W. Kleiner), Tscharli (Günther Maria Halmer) and Gustl (Frithjof Vierock) do not want to give up their carnival roles. But not all three hold out.

(Photo: Intertel Television GmbH / Intertel Television GmbH)

Most of all, one likes the parallel to “The Long Road to Sacramento”. This is an episode of the legendary 70s series “Munich Stories”. Tscharli (Zorro), Gustl (Gringo) and Achmed (Zapata) refuse to take off their carnival roles – until they are arrested for vagrancy and open fire on the Isar. It doesn’t have to go that far in Berlin. What we really need now in Germany: a happy ending. Incidentally, on the long way to Sacramento or into government, two out of three heroes hold on to their roles. But once there is betrayal. Exactly, this is the cliffhanger now. After all, this coalition is designed as a Netflix series.

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