Pokémon GO celebrates its birthday – Shiny Mew and fat bonuses starting tomorrow

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From: Daniel Neubert

Pokémon GO celebrates its 7th birthday in July 2023. In addition to Shiny Mew, there are many exciting bonuses and spawns that we will tell you about in this article.

San Francisco – It’s that time again: Pokémon GO is celebrating its birthday. It’s now a full seven years since Niantic launched the mobile hit. This year’s celebrations bring back familiar and rare Pokémon, but also plenty of bonuses for you to snag. As a special treat, you even get a chance at the legendary Shiny Mew along with its Masterwork research. We’ll tell you what the event has to offer and whether the party for the 7th anniversary of Pokémon GO is worth it for you.

name of the gamePokemon GO
Release (date of first publication)July 06, 2016
platformsAndroid, iOS
genreAugmented reality, mobile

Pokémon GO birthday with Shiny Mew – All information at a glance

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Pokémon GO Birthday with Shiny Mew – start time and important dates

When does the event start? The party for the 7th anniversary of Pokémon GO will take place this Thursday, July 6th and will last a total of four days. You can see all the key data for the event here:

  • Start of the event: Thursday, July 06, 2023 – 10:00 a.m. (local time)
  • End of event: Wednesday, July 12, 2023 – 8:00 p.m. (local time)
The Pokémon GO 7th Anniversary party is about to start © Niantic / ingame.de (Montage)

Pokémon GO: Birthday with Shiny Mew – These bonuses are available at the event

What bonuses are there at the event? At the Pokémon GO Birthday 2023, the developer didn’t splash out and is already offering a whole range of bonuses that will really pay off for you. Here’s some bonus content you can look forward to at the Pokémon GO 7th Anniversary Party:

  • Increased chance of becoming Lucky Friends
  • Increased chance of getting Lucky Pokémon when trading
  • Chance of 7, 77 (or more) Greedspectre Coins when spinning a PokéStop with a Gold Lure Module

These daily bonuses are available: The great special feature is that additional daily bonuses await you every day.

July 06, 2023Double Catch EXP
July 07, 2023Double Catch Stardust
July 08, 2023Double catch bonus
July 09, 2023Half hatch distance if eggs are laid in incubators that day
July 10, 2023The friendship level increases twice as fast.
July 11, 2023Double mailing candies
July 12, 2023Double XP for evolving Pokémon

Pokémon GO: Birthday with Shiny Mew – All research at a glance

This is what the field research contains: During the Birthday Event in Pokémon GO, there are a ton of different Pokémon that you can meet. In addition to the spawns, you can also collect mega energy at the event. You can meet the following monsters:

  • Venusaur
  • Charizard
  • Turtok
  • Gewaldro
  • Blair
  • Sumpex

This is what is in the temporary research: The limited research will be chargeable at the Pokémon GO birthday event and will be priced at around 2 euros. The research tasks are not yet known in detail, but will involve hatching Pokémon and evolving seven specific Pokémon. The following rewards await you:

  • 1 x Incubator
  • 1 x Super Incubator
  • 1 x Premium Battle Pass
  • 1 x lucky egg
  • 1 x Rocket Radar
  • 1 x Star Piece
  • 77,777 XP points
  • A spawn of Pikachu wearing a party hat

Danger: This limited research has a time limit in which you must complete it. You must complete the Timed Research tasks and collect the rewards before the end of the Pokémon GO 7th Anniversary (Wednesday, July 12, 2023 – 8:00 p.m.).

Here’s what’s in Masterwork research with Shiny Mew: One of the undisputed highlights of Pokémon GO 7th Anniversary is the Masterwork Research featuring the Pokémon Mew. The legendary monster was previously available in Kanto as part of the Pokémon GO Tour in 2021, but is returning to the game for Pokémon GO Birthday 2023. For about 5 euros you can take part, complete the tasks and secure a Shiny Mew. In addition, there are special bonuses that you can also benefit from.

  • Spawn from Shiny Mew
  • Double the duration of smoke
  • Double the duration of the daily adventurer’s smoke
  • Double the duration of the Lure Modules

Danger: If you’ve already purchased a Pokémon GO Kanto Tour ticket in 2021, you won’t be able to re-enter this Masterwork Research to earn another Shiny-Mew. With the offer, Niantic seems to want to specifically appeal to players who have been missing the Pokémon so far. For this reason, you cannot give away the research to other trainers.

Pokémon GO: Birthday with Shiny Mew – These spawns are waiting for you in the wild

Look forward to the following Pokémon in the wild: As with the bonuses, there will be different Pokémon every day during the event, so you can catch different monsters every day. The following Pokémon are available every day (*Shiny Pokémon possible):

  • Shiggy with party hat
  • Pikachu with Cake Hat*
  • Meowth*
  • Ponyta*
  • Togedemaru
  • Galarian Ponyta*
  • absolute*

The following Pokémon only appear on a specific day during the event:

July 06, 2023Bulbasaur*, Charmander*, Shiggy* (each with party hat)
July 07, 2023endive*, fiery jelly*, carnimani*
July 08, 2023Geckarbor*, Flemmli*, Hydropi*
July 09, 2023Chelast*, Panflam*, Plinfa*
July 10, 2023Serpifeu*, Floink*, Ottaro*
July 11, 2023Igamaro*, Fynx*, Froxy
July 12, 2023Bauz, Flamiau, Robball

Pokémon GO: Birthday with Shiny Mew – These monsters are waiting for you in the raids

These are the raids for the birthday event: You will also meet old friends in the raids. If you prefer to take it easy, you can go hunting for some shinys here. However, the most exciting thing is probably the hunt for the Shiny Mega Turbo.

Raid level 1Bulbasaur*, Charmander*, Schiggy*, Pikachu* (each with party hat)
Raid level 3Magneton, Lapras*, Flamara, Relaxo*, Seejong
Raid level 5Arktos*, Zapdos*, Lavados*
Mega RaidsMega Turbo*

Is the birthday event worth it?

Niantic has many exciting bonuses for the event in its luggage that you can benefit from. The event is primarily worthwhile for anyone who wants to specifically hunt for the shiny starters of the last generations. You should also definitely keep an eye on the limited research. You will be asked to pay for it, but in return you will receive many useful items in return, which would otherwise be much more expensive in the shop.

It is a pity, however, that the restriction excludes trainers who have already participated in the Kanto Tour two years ago and already own a Shiny Mew. The fact that Niantic is artificially limiting legendary Shiny Pokémon, which it sells at high prices, leaves an unpleasant aftertaste.

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