Podalydès has a good time on the Boards before going back on stage

Planks from the French comedy to those of the Deauville Festival, there is only one step. That Denis Podalydes did not hesitate to jump. The actor works so much during the year that being at the seaside in a jury chaired by Charlotte Gainsbourg almost feels like vacation. It is in any case the opportunity for him to see a lot of films, which he is delighted with.

“I have little time to go indoors, he explains to 20 minutes. But I love American cinema since childhood where we watched a lot of westerns before discovering, later, other types of films with Martin Scorsese, Brian De Palma or Francis Ford Coppola. “Denis Podalydès takes his work as a juror very seriously:” It is very enriching to talk about cinema with people from several generations and to realize that we are not antagonists even if we can have very different sensibilities . “

Lovers of his profession

His pleasure was marred by the death of Jean-Paul Belmondo. “I hardly feel authorized to pay homage to him,” he sighs. He was an immense mythical actor, who is not simply an element of the landscape but who constitutes the landscape itself. One can only bow to an almost religious feeling. Denis Podalydès is madly in love with the profession of actor, which he also analyzes in writing. He dreams of writing a book on Michel Piccoli and will publish at Le Seuil in October Nights of love are transparent, devoted to his experience on The Night of the Kings of Shakespeare, which he played for a long time at the Frenchman.

“It’s fascinating to think about what makes our job, whether it is by evoking our personal experience or that of people we admire”, he confides. But that’s not all ! It will be showing Anaïs loves by Charline Bourgeois-Tacquet next Wednesday between Anaïs Demoustier and Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi. We will see him again at the theater in October in Fanny and Alexandre adapted from Bergman at the Comédie française and in November at the Bouffes du Nord, alone on stage for The disappearance of the landscape by Jean-Philippe Toussaint, before the release, at the end of December at the cinema, of Deception by Arnaud Desplechin after Philip Roth.

In permanent formation

“Being an actor is lifelong training, we constantly have the impression of going back to school, but it is the diversity of roles that keeps us going. Deauville is a welcome break, but I love doing my job. That’s why I work so hard, ”he admits. We really want him not to stop and continue to explore his profession on stage and on screen.

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