“Plectrum”: 80 million euro yacht should be able to “fly” over the water

Watch the video: “Plectrum”: 80 million euro yacht should be able to “fly” over the water.

Futuristic vision: This 80 million euro yacht called “Plectrum” is intended to glide over the water instead of floating on the water.
The design by the Italian design studio Lazzarini is said to glide over the water at a speed of 75 knots, which corresponds to around 140 km/h.
With the power of the three hydrogen engines, the yacht can push itself over the water surface. This makes it appear as if the yacht is floating.
The yacht is made entirely of carbon fiber and is therefore considered ultra-light.
The low weight ensures that the yacht can reach its top speed.
The hull shape is inspired by the sailboats that compete in America’s Cup regattas.
The 74 meter long yacht is powered by three hydrogen engines, each with an output of 5000 hp.
However, the ship not only has a lot to offer technically.
It is divided into four levels: the main part offers six guest cabins and one suite.
The yacht also has its own helicopter hangar, a garage for two dinghies and a stern garage for cars or water jet skis.
According to design studio Lazzarini, “Plectrum” is a concept that can be built on demand in the future.

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