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Save food

Günes Seyfarth is a rescuer, but above all a doer. Seyfarth has been saving food from waste for years. In Munich alone, 165 tons of food from private households end up in the trash every day. Seyfarth wanted to do something about this. First she processed the saved food for herself and her family, then for the neighborhood, distributing free meals to those in need in the city. With this concept, she founded a social enterprise in 2021 and then a restaurant.

The Community Kitchen in the former Allianz Insurance canteen in Neuperlach is the first restaurant to serve rescued food. In July 2023, the Munich association Retla initiated the “Eat Together” campaign there, where senior citizens can buy a lunch menu for four euros. This includes a “delicious, healthy main course with salad, drink, coffee and cake in a nice atmosphere”. But money was running out. The rescue came by chance: “We discovered the project by chance because we were already regular guests at Shaere, where the Community Kitchen is located, with the seniors we look after,” says Lydia Staltner, founder of the Lichtblick association. He now contributes to the financing, and there are also private donations and funding. “The project will benefit from the commitment of the two clubs. The seniors are already looking forward to it finally continuing safely. “It’s great that Lichtblick and Retla are working together with combined forces,” says Seyfarth.

Avoid smoke

Veronika Flora Rost.

(Photo: Philip Morris)

After 31 years, Markus Essing is leaving the company Philip Morris Germany, based in Gräfelfing, which he most recently led as managing director. He is leaving at his own request, according to a press release. His successor Veronika Flora Rost comes from the cosmetics group Estée Lauder Companies. According to her own statements, she wants to continue the change initiated by her predecessor in the international cigarette company towards more tobacco heaters and a “smoke-free future”. Philipp Morris has a 39 percent share of the German cigarette market.

Experience illusions

Munich People of the Week: Vanessa Kammermann.Munich People of the Week: Vanessa Kammermann.

Vanessa Kammermann.

(Photo: private/oh)

Munich is getting a new, privately run museum. It will say “WOW”, wow as the pop art expression for: This is stunning, what a surprise. Vanessa and Matthias Kammermann have developed the concept for this. Four years ago the two opened a museum of the same name not far from Zurich’s Bahnhofstrasse. They had 120,000 visitors last year, says Vanessa Kammermann on the phone. The exhibition is interactive, builds on moments of experience, creates illusions with colors, patterns, music and lights. “You move in a different world, there is no right or wrong,” explains Kammermann. She finds this approach to be “peaceful and meaningful,” because the message behind it is: “Everyone sees things differently.” The concept combines physics and medicine, psychology and kinetics, and that fascinates her.

The couple came up with the idea while traveling through New Zealand and visiting “Puzzling World” in Wanaka. Vanessa Kammermann originally comes from Siegen in North Rhine-Westphalia, studied teaching and worked in the event industry. Matthias Kammermann is Swiss and they have four children. They finance the museums out of their own pockets. The couple initially considered Dresden and Leipzig for the second location, but they couldn’t find a suitable location there. In Munich they are now moving into the valley next to the large drugstore. The rent for the 500 square meter property is more expensive than in Zurich, says Vanessa Kammermann, but they wanted to be in the middle of the city. The WOW Museum is scheduled to open on June 19th.

Show nature

Munich People of the Week: Veronika Christine Dräxler.Munich People of the Week: Veronika Christine Dräxler.

Veronika Christine Dräxler.

(Photo: Stefan Hobmaier)

The video artist Veronika Christine Dräxler exhibits new works in the series “The First Years of Professionalism” in the Artists’ Gallery. Her films are about processing trauma and shaping cultural landscapes. Dräxler studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich with Klaus vom Bruch, Andrea Fraser and Martin Fengel and was a master student with Anna Anders at the Berlin University of the Arts. She says she would have liked to film in the English Garden, but didn’t get permission. That’s why she filmed in the Isar floodplains. The exhibition runs until April 28th, Maximilianstrasse 42.

to build bridges

Munich People of the Week: Tells and connects: Moira Thiele.Munich People of the Week: Tells and connects: Moira Thiele.

Tells and connects: Moira Thiele.

(Photo: private)

It began in the Orient… That’s the title of a series of events that tries to build bridges between people. Bridges that are more important than ever given the war in the Middle East. Judaism, Christianity and Islam have the same roots, but their followers often find it difficult to speak to one another, even in Munich.

Moira Thiele, Germanist, storyteller and enthusiastic about Jewish humor, wants to stimulate conversation by telling stories from the Muslim, Christian and Jewish traditions. The guests should then share their thoughts over coffee and cake. All Munich residents are invited. This time the storytelling afternoon is taking place in cooperation with the Sendling Ascension Church and the Ditim Mosque Community. On Sunday, April 28th, from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. in the community hall of the Church of the Ascension, Kidlerstraße 15. Admission is free. Register with the Quarterpunkt neighborhood support team: [email protected].

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