Paying for groceries in cryptocurrency is almost a reality at the Beaugrenelle shopping center

From marginal phenomenon to lucrative investment, cryptocurrency is now nesting in the everyday economy. According The Parisianthe Beaugrenelle shopping center has decided to trust digital currency, and to allow its customers to use it to consume in its establishment.

Despite this novelty, the news is to be nuanced. In order for a cryptocurrency holder to spend the currency in-store, they will first need to convert it to euros on a gift card through the Lyzi app. No less than 21 cryptocurrencies will be eligible for this conversion. From June 8 to July 8, Lyzi employees will be mobilized to present the new system.

If the “crypto” is not usable in stores in the same way as the official currency, the advance remains symbolically important. It helps to bring digital currency into the habits of consumers, who, in general, are wary of these currencies known for their episodes of volatility – we can cite the recent “crypto crash”.

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