“Payet should have played 15 min” … Igor Tudor makes his mea culpa

Igor Tudor’s first mea culpa. Asked at a press conference before the shock of the 14th day of Ligue 1, Sunday between OM and OL (9 p.m.), the coach of Olympique de Marseille admitted having made a mistake during the defeat against Tottenham in the Champions League. That of not bringing in Dimitri Payet.

“I think I made a mistake, Payet should have played at least 15 minutes. It’s a coach’s job, we all make mistakes. I could have done better on the match by watching it with a clear head. Clauss could also have stayed on the field, he is a player who has class and who could have scored. This is self-criticism on my part. Payet could have played 15 minutes,” admitted the Croatian coach.

“If Kola scores, we are talking about the change of the century”

Dimitri Payet, who was also at the press conference, admitted having been “frustrated” to be on the bench of substitutes, “already starting from the Commanderie, but also during the warm-up when I saw what he was getting ready in the stadium. But for OM number 10, “we must respect the coach’s choices”, while recalling that “if Kola scores, we are talking about the change of the century, we are not talking about Payet”. Handsome player.

Igor Tudor was also asked about the end of the game against Tottenham which cost Europa League qualification, and the fact that the players were not aware. But this time, no mea culpa. “It is a controversy that has no reason to exist. We can talk about the mistakes made in the last two minutes, there were four or five. We can talk about a player who tries to get the ball when there is no need, of one who stops, of another who tries to pass his defender. It was mistakes that caused the goal, but I think we have nothing to be ashamed of, we wanted to continue in the Champions League, ”he said. So it’s more the fault of the players than his.

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