Part of the victim’s entourage was aware of the facts

One month after the indictment of Yannick Agnel for “rape and sexual assault on a minor under 15”, an investigation by
Radio France aired Thursday reveals that part of the entourage of the swimmer and the victim were aware of the relationship. It would have started with a kiss on New Years Eve 2015 in an apartment rented by the swimmer in the center of Mulhouse.

Sexual intercourse ensued, sometimes at the very home of Lionel Horter, the swimmer’s coach and father of the victim, but also in Thailand, where the Mulhouse Olympic Swimming (MON) team had gone for training, early 2016. Some of its members cited by the survey do not seem surprised by the revelations. Thus, a swimmer recalls that the victim often went to Yannick Agnel’s room: “I had doubts about what was happening”.

A “file” on Agnel and the victim

Lionel and Marjorie Horter indicated that they only learned of the facts two weeks before their daughter filed a complaint, that is to say at the start of the 2021 summer vacation. Except that many people from MON dispute this version , or at least are asking questions. Including a former club executive, evoking an episode dating from the spring of 2019. The MON is then in conflict with Agnel, who is claiming 60,000 euros for his last year of contract, which has not been paid. The club would then have sent a letter of conciliation. “Franck Horter [président du MON et frère de Lionel] tells me that Yannick would be wise to accept this conciliation, tells the former executive, because they have a file on him and his niece, N. “

“There is no evidence that the parents were aware”

According to another swimmer from the club quoted, everyone was quickly made aware of the relationship between Agnel and N. “The swimmers were perhaps aware. But the information did not get back to Lionel and Marjorie Horter [les parents] who are part of the framework, believes Me Thomas Wetterer, one of the victim’s lawyers. The management is an authoritarian figure for these young people. “” No element shows at present that the parents were aware “also specifies the prosecutor of Mulhouse.

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