Pandemic: Corona downward trend continues

Status: 11/17/2022 10:10 p.m

According to the Robert Koch Institute, the number of reported corona cases has continued to decrease. The incidence fell by 17 percent within a week. In autumn, however, respiratory infections are more difficult to prevent.

According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the decreasing trend in reported corona cases in Germany has continued. Nationwide, the seven-day incidence last week fell by 17 percent compared to the previous week, according to the RKI weekly report on the development of the corona pandemic. Most results refer to the past week.

The Omikron BA.5 line continues to dominate, as it has almost completely replaced other variants. Their total share was 94 percent, according to the RKI. Sublines of BA.5 (especially BQ.1.1) were also detected more and more often – but remain at a low level. Their share amounts to eight percent.

Decline in hospitalized Covid cases

The institute emphasizes that the development of the number of serious illnesses is of particular importance. There is another slight decrease in cases treated in hospital with severe acute respiratory infections and Covid 19 diagnosis. The incidence is therefore 2.9 hospitalizations per 100,000 inhabitants, which corresponds to around 2400 new hospital admissions.

The number of seriously ill people with the virus also fell in the intensive care units in the country – compared to the previous week there were about 200 fewer people (a total of 1017 cases). People over the age of 80 are still the most affected by the severe course of the disease. The RKI was able to report a decrease in outbreaks in old people’s and nursing homes.

Infections harder to prevent in autumn

The decline in the number of cases has been evident since mid-October, they say. Nevertheless, the institute emphasizes that the infection pressure in autumn is generally high in all age groups.

“Because the spread of acute respiratory infections is also more difficult to prevent due to more frequent and longer stays indoors,” explains the RKI. “This not only affects Covid-19, but acute respiratory infections.” A high number of such infections can therefore be expected in the next few weeks.

In its weekly report, the institute also referred to the latest STIKO recommendation for small children with previous illnesses. Vaccination is the best prevention to prevent a severe course of Covid disease.

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