Ovation of the room and passage in the locker room of the Nets, the beautiful evening of Kylian Mbappé in Brooklyn

The defeat in Lens barely digested (or perhaps not quite), Kylian Mbappé flew to the United States to relax with another of his great passions: the NBA. The PSG striker attended the meeting between Brooklyn and San Antonio on Monday evening, with his teammate and friend Achraf Hakimi. The top scorer of the World Cup spent a great evening, with in particular an ovation from the New York hall before kick-off, when after the broadcast of some of his goals on the giant screen, the camera stopped on him. Not bad in a country not very focused on the soccer.

Further proof of his growing status as a planetary star, Mbappé also received a special welcome from Kevin Durant, a major Nets and NBA player for fifteen years. KD came to give him a nice hug before the game, then took the time to give him a shirt and pose for a souvenir photo afterwards, after inviting Mbappé into the locker room to greet the whole team. The French even said a few words in front of everyone to congratulate them on their victory (139-103). “Great game, guys, congratulations! It was really fun to watch. Good luck for the season. ” What a man.

The ties between the player and the NBA are not new. After a first coming in 2019, Mbappé attended the draft last June, then signed contract through his production company Zebra Valley with the mighty American Basketball League.

Mbappé and Hakimi, after having recovered strongly following the World Cup, are currently enjoying a short vacation granted by PSG. They are resting at least for this whole week, reports The Team of the day.

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