Operation at the OEZ: police investigates misuse of the emergency call – Munich

A previously unknown caller had reported a man with a knife and explosive belt – but the officers did not find anyone dangerous. A civilian police vehicle, which was speeding to the OEZ with blue lights, had an accident during the operation.

The Munich police are investigating after a major operation on Friday evening because of an abusive emergency call. A previously unknown caller reported a man with a knife and explosive belt in the Olympia shopping center (OEZ) to the Neuhauser inspection department at around 5:50 p.m. Based on the message, around 30 patrol cars were sent to the OEZ. There, the police officers found a man who fit the description given, but he did not have a knife or other dangerous things with him. The caller, who wanted to wait for the police at the OEZ, could not be found and could no longer be reached by telephone. In the course of the operation, a civilian police vehicle crashed, speeding to the OEZ with blue lights flashing. In a curve, the driver lost control of the car and collided with other cars. Two police officers suffered bruises, as did the occupant of another car. The police estimate the damage at more than 90,000 euros.

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