On the Croisette, between two showers, residents of Cannes preferred the beach to polling stations

Pan bagnat, other sandwiches or poke balls… At lunchtime this Sunday of the presidential election, after the storm of the night and just before new showers at the stroke of 1 p.m., a small crowd formed on the Croisette. Pressed there by the rays of the sun which warmed the atmosphere between clouds always threatening. Despite the sand still wet, Ariane, Jérôme and their little boy found a base on Macé beach, with a direct view of the waves. In relaxation, far from the gentle bustle of the 56 polling stations in Cannes, the couple in their thirties explains that they will “not go to vote”.

Their “left ballots”, “rare” according to them in Cannes – Jean-Luc Mélenchon still came third there – will not be used by the two finalist candidates. “Le Pen or Macron… We are a little tired of having to make a choice that does not suit us, they explain. We deal differently today. After lunch, we will spend time with family. Tonight, we will still look at the results. But from afar. »

“I preferred the firmer of the two”

Between strollers, locals and holidaymakers circulating on the Croisette, two jogger friends slowed down their pace. It is time for break. Their snack bought in one of the kiosks that line the boulevard, they also settle on the seaside. But for them, on the contrary, even if they have taken the time to enjoy a long trip to the big air, and between the drops, it was “unthinkable not to go and vote”.

Locals and tourists enjoy the beach along the Boulevard de la Croisette on April 24, 2022 in Cannes – F. Binacchi / ANP / 20 Minutes

“For Marine”, they announce in chorus. In this city where Mayor LR David Lisnard was re-elected with 88% of the vote in 2020, “the Republican right, for which I was voting until then, completely collapsed in the first round like everywhere else”, recalls the oldest of these two athletes. “LR no longer exists, I’m afraid. In the meantime, we had to choose well. And I preferred the firmer of the two,” he adds.

“This election is essential, we must not be mistaken”

On the riprap that serves as a border between the beach and the Old Port, just next to the Palais des Festivals, several small groups have also started their refueling. Julien, 38, lives in London. He is in Cannes “for work”. But there is no question for him of missing this “Excessively important election”. So he signed a “proxy” sent to one of the polling stations for French people living abroad. “This election is essential. We must not be mistaken”, insists this professional poker player without however specifying for whom his heart swayed.

A little further on, a family from the Jura who arrived the day before for a few days of vacation are also enjoying the sun. Maryvonne, the grandmother, speaks. For his part, there was no power of attorney. “We preferred to take care of our stay. The light spirit. Anyway, it’s not my voice that could change anything. The chips are down, ”she thinks she knows. Not quite. In Cannes, the polling stations will close at 8 p.m. At noon, they recorded a participation rate of 31.97%. That is less than in the first round (33.02%).

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