Olympics 2022 | Monobob: German misses a medal in the final thriller

After the first two runs it looked like Laura Nolte could win a medal. Then she slipped and had to fight. In the end it was a very close decision.

No happy ending for Laura Nolte: After the first two runs in the monobob, the German driver was in third place. In the third run she slipped down to fourth place and had to fight. In the end it didn’t work out with the medal. She finished fourth. Gold went to Kaillie Humphries, silver to her USA teammate Elana Meyers Taylor and bronze to Canada’s Christine de Bruin.

This ended the German winning streak in the Olympic ice track in Yanqing. Before that, both the German lugers and the skeleton pilots had won all their competitions and, in addition to six gold medals, three silver medals.

After the third run, Nolte, who was third in the World Championships, was 0.32 behind the leading American and world champion Kaillie Humphries (+1.55 seconds), the Canadian Christine de Bruin (+0.5 seconds) and the second American Elana Meyers Taylor seconds back. Nolte finished fourth and had to fight for a medal for the fourth run.

Nolte just missed the medal

Nolte started the fourth run strongly and built up a slight lead over Australian Breeana Walker. Again and again the German touched the rails, but defended her lead and laid the foundation for a possible bronze medal.

But: The American Meyers Taylor, who came afterwards, showed an almost perfect run and provisionally moved up to first place. Nolte just missed the medal. Canada’s de Bruin even blundered to take bronze behind Meyers Taylor and Humphries. European Champion Mariama Jamanka from Oberhof finished 13th in the new competition.

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