Oliver Pocher shoots Gil Ofarim after admitting guilt

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Singer Gil Ofarim recently admitted in court that he made up a hotel manager’s alleged anti-Semitic insults. Oliver Pocher is outraged.

Cologne – Oliver Pocher (45) looks back on his screen on Instagram at the course of events surrounding the alleged anti-Semitic insults that singer Gil Ofarim (41) said he received from a hotel employee. For two years, the musician claimed that when he checked in he asked him to put away his Star of David necklace. A lie, as Ofarim himself has now had to admit.

Lie from Gil Ofarim: Pocher stunned on Instagram

Accordingly, Oliver Pocher, who also made fun of Helene Fischer, titles his current screen inspection with “Gil Ofarim is talking shit!” In it, the comedian is stunned by the singer’s false statements and also by the fact that he repeated his accusations in numerous TV formats.

Gil Ofarim, who was charged with defamation following his anti-Semitism allegations, recorded a video in which he made his fabricated anti-Semitism allegations the evening he checked into the Westin Hotel in Leipzig. For Pocher, the fact that the musician allowed himself to be persuaded to publish this, even though he even slept on it for another night after recording it, “cannot be surpassed in terms of audacity”.

Gil Ofarim’s false accusations of anti-Semitism: Pocher summarizes again

Ofarim then repeated his accusation in several TV formats. For Pocher it was an “unparalleled PR tour”. In his almost quarter-hour Instagram post, the moderator, who recently separated from his wife Amira, once again shows Ofarim’s statements in front of the cameras. “You went on and on about the whole thing,” he says indignantly.

Oliver Pocher shoots against Gil Ofarim (symbolic image).
“You can’t beat it for audacity”: Oliver Pocher shoots against Gil Ofarim © Horst Galuschka/Christian Grube/Imago

Pocher also made sure to mention that Ofarim still reiterated his accusation, even though the chain with the Star of David on the singer’s neck could not be seen in the recordings from the hotel’s surveillance cameras. However, Pocher is satisfied with the outcome of the lie after two years: “Yes, the courts – the mills grind slowly in Germany. But in the end it works to some extent.” Oliver Pocher’s ex Amira is also currently making headlines because she is withdrawing more and more. (cso) Sources used: Instagram oliverpocher, focus.de

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