OL-Brest, the mea culpa of French arbitration

The match on the 29th day of L1 between Lyon and Brest gave rise to numerous refereeing errors. The boss of French officials, Antony Gautier, admitted it this Monday.

After a recent reframing of the referees and an update of the instructions regarding the use of video assistance, the VAR made its own again this weekend, particularly on the Sunday meeting between Lyon and Brest. A part marred by numerous errors on the part of Mr. Vernice and his assessors.

Asked on the airwaves of France Bleu Bretagne this Monday, the boss of French referees Antony Gautier admitted several blunders. And not necessarily the most expected since the unjust expulsion of Pierre Lees-Melou in particular did not concern the person concerned.

On O’Brien’s hand in the box
“You have an artificial increase in the surface covered by the body of the Lyon defender. Obviously with a defender who takes the risk of touching the ball with his hand and being penalized in this situation. And so there, the expected decision was a penalty and an intervention from the video assistance if the decision was not taken on the field. »

On Matic’s hand which led to a Brest goal
“The images speak for themselves since you have a Lyon player who has his arm and elbow stuck to his body and who, with this position, sees the ball hitting the top of his arm. So obviously, there is no artificial increase in the surface area covered by the body by the Lyon player. And so very clearly, this hand was not punishable. »

On Bizot’s fault against Lacazette
“The expected decision on this situation is initially that of a penalty since the contact is proven and punishable. And it is, on the other hand, a red card since there is clearly a danger to the physical integrity of the Lyon player. »

On Mr. Vernice’s performance
“We cannot question the intellectual honesty of the referees, who always enter the field with the same impartiality. I can tell you today that having spoken at great length with Mathieu Vernice, he is probably the most unhappy among us. »

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