Oktoberfest Munich: Äger for Wiesnwirt Peter Reichert – the speculation begins – Munich

Wiesn host Peter Reichert is currently making negative headlines, not very many people around the Oktoberfest would bet on him keeping the Bräurosl tent. The speculation begins.


Franz Kotteder

After the Oktoberfest, Peter Reichert, like every Wiesn landlord, came along on the gums. 17 days of continuous work is extremely stressful in any case, and the new host of the Bräurosl was particularly the focus of attention for a variety of reasons. “Then on Friday evenings I just lay on the sofa,” he said at the time. Of all things, the six-part series “Oktoberfest 1900” was shown on television, a series in which, at the turn of the century, hard bandages fought unscrupulously for stands at the Oktoberfest. The title of the English version is not for nothing “Blood and Beer”. Reichert says, half jokingly, “I didn’t find the historical thriller that unrealistic at all.”

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