Oktoberfest: City finances CT device for the medical station – Munich

After an accident, visitors to the Oktoberfest can still be examined directly on the festival meadow using a computer tomography (CT). After the provision of the mobile CT device had become a deadlock over the past two years, which only came to a good end at the last minute, the city council created clarity for the next four years in a closed meeting on Wednesday. By 2027 there will certainly be a CT machine in the medical station; the city will cover the total costs of around 1.5 million euros.

Oktoberfest city councilor Anja Berger (Greens) was happy that the medical service at the Oktoberfest continued to include a CT machine. “Given the crowds that gather at the Oktoberfest and the unavoidable medical emergencies that occur there, it makes perfect sense to have a mobile CT scanner there,” she said. The device is primarily intended to relieve the burden on hospital emergency rooms, as a diagnosis at the Oktoberfest medical station means that many patients no longer have to be driven there.

Wiesn city councilor Berger estimates that around 20 admissions per Oktoberfest day can be avoided, so a total of well over 200. In addition, someone with serious injuries can be treated quickly and accurately thanks to the quick examination right at the Oktoberfest. “This can save people’s lives,” said Berger. The city itself has to pay for the computer tomograph. There is no legal way to pass the costs on to the landlords or suppliers. The tender should now take place immediately.

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