Ökotest checks pre-baked rolls: They are better than their reputation

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Baked rolls are better than their reputation: Why you no longer have to (absolutely) go to the bakery on Sundays

Morning rolls: why not?

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Too lazy to go to the bakery on Sundays? No problem, that’s the verdict of “Ökotest”, pre-baked rolls convince in taste, three quarters even cut the test with “good” or “very good”.

If you don’t feel like going to the bakery on a Sunday morning, you can confidently reach for pre-baked rolls. Eco test looked at the ingredients of 19 products and came to the conclusion: rolls from the bag are not only better than their reputation, they also cost less than those from the bakery. The cheapest pre-baked rolls are available from 14 cents. For comparison: At the bakery, a simple wheat roll starts at 40 cents.

Of the 19 products tested, “Ökotest” recommends ten as “very good” and six as “good”. Incidentally, this includes all organic rolls. The bread rolls from Lieken, which failed in the sensory test, perform the worst, which is why the grade “sufficient” is given here. The classics among the pre-baked rolls are also disappointing: the gold pieces from Coppenrath & Wiese only receive the grade “satisfactory”. The lab found three injectables in the rolls that shouldn’t be in there.

Ökotest: All organic rolls are free of pesticides

Sad but true: The testers found at least one spray poison in every conventional product. All organic rolls, on the other hand, are free of pesticides.

In some rolls, for example in those from Lieken and Coppenrath & Wiese, an excessively high salt content attracted negative attention. If a bun contained more than 1.2 grams of salt per 100 grams, the testers already deducted a grade. Incidentally, above this value, fresh bread in Finland must carry a warning. Too much salt in food is a risk factor for high blood pressure. The “German Society for Nutrition” (DGE) recommends that adults eat no more than six grams of salt per day. Using the example of Coppenrath & Wiese, two gold pieces would already have exhausted the limit and that’s not even counting the salty sausage.

You can read the whole test here for a fee!

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