Nvidia is said to be developing ARM processors for notebooks

In the future, notebooks could appear not only with graphics chips from Nvidia, but with complete systems-on-chips (SoCs) from the company – including ARM cores, GeForce GPUs and Tensor cores for AI algorithms.


This was reported by the Reuters news agency as early as October 2023Now Dell founder and CEO Michael Dell is fueling the rumors again: In an interview with Bloomberg Technology, together with Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang, he hinted at notebooks with Nvidia processors for the year 2025.

One of the two interviewers asked Jensen whether Nvidia has a place in the AI ​​PC market. Michael Dell intervened and said: “Come back next year.” Huang added: “Yes, exactly […]” The position begins in the YouTube video from minute 18:06.

Recently, rumors have emerged that Mediatek and Nvidia are working together on ARM processors for notebooks. Mediatek is providing the CPU, Nvidia the GPU. At the same time, Nvidia is also said to be working on its own SoCs.

Rumors are circulating on Twitter / X that Nvidia wants to combine ARM’s Cortex-X5 cores (codenamed Blackhawk) with a Blackwell GPU. Blackwell replaces the current Ada Lovelace generation (GeForce RTX 4000) in the consumer sector.

The unknown to us Twitter account “XpeaGPU” calls the N3P process of the chip contract manufacturer TSMC. “Kepler_L2” contradicts and refers to the Intel 3 process. Since Nvidia and Intel Foundry are already working together, that would not be surprising. “Kepler_L2” has often been right about hardware rumors.

The timing would make sense for Nvidia. Microsoft is currently pushing Windows on ARM massively. There is also speculation that an exclusive agreement between Microsoft and Qualcomm will expire next year. Manufacturers will probably only be allowed to sell Windows ARM notebooks with other processors from then on.

According to the well-connected website Semiaccurate says Microsoft is dissatisfied with Qualcomm and literally throw the company under the bus for a competitor.

With new x86 processors from AMD and Intel as well as various ARM offerings from Qualcomm, Mediatek and Nvidia, the notebook market in 2025 could be more exciting than it has been for a long time. According to the Reuters source linked above, AMD also wants to resume its ARM development and design ARM CPUs in parallel.


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