Nuremberg: Ex-security man does not want to accept rape verdict – Bavaria

The trial surrounding rape in a Nuremberg refugee accommodation will probably go to the next instance. The 54-year-old former security employee has appealed against the prison sentence imposed on him by the Nuremberg-Fürth regional court. A justice spokeswoman announced this on Tuesday. Last week, a criminal chamber sentenced the defendant to ten years in prison for 67 counts of rape and sexual harassment.

According to the judges, the man is said to have raped a woman from the accommodation 62 times and another woman in five cases. He is also said to have sexually harassed a resident by kissing her against her will.

The defendant was employed in the Nuremberg refugee accommodation from September 2018. He is said to have threatened the women that he would take advantage of his position and have their child taken away from them by the youth welfare office if they did not submit to him. During the trial, the defendant denied the allegations and accused the women of falsely accusing him. The man’s defense lawyers had called for an acquittal.

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