Novak Djokovic: what’s next? The possible scenarios

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Djokovic case: what’s next? The possible scenarios

Tennis pro Novak Djokovic has to worry about his participation in the Australian Open


Australia canceled Novak Djokovic’s visa again, the tennis star could now finally miss the Australian Open. A court reporter outlines the options now on the table.

Novak Djokovic has suffered a severe setback in the fight for his participation in the Australian Open. Australia’s government has declared the Serbian tennis pro’s visa invalid. Djokovic is now threatened with quick expulsion.

This is well justified and “in the public interest,” said Immigration Secretary Alex Hawke on Friday, who declared the visa invalid in a personal decision. Participation of the world number one in the Australian Open, which begins Monday, is not yet ruled out because the 34-year-old may be able to lodge further appeals, but it has become unlikely.

The case of Novak Djokovic: How it could go on

A court reporter for Australia’s Associated Press (APP) news agency, Karen Sweeney, outlined the possible scenarios on Twitter:

  1. Djokovic accepts the decision and leaves.
  2. Djokovic challenges the decision legally – and is successful. The decision will be lifted, he could stay in Australia.
  3. Djokovic challenges the decision legally and is successful – but the government lodges a complaint. Then it had to be decided whether Djokovic had to be in immigration detention and possibly miss the start of the tournament.
  4. Djokovic challenges the decision legally – and fails. The decision is still valid, he has to leave the country.

Not vaccinated against the coronavirus, Djokovic is a controversial figure in the country that has imposed tough rules since the pandemic began (read more about the case here).

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison welcomed his Immigration Minister’s decision to cancel the visa. “This pandemic has been incredibly difficult for every Australian, but we have stuck together and saved lives and livelihoods. Together we have achieved one of the lowest mortality rates, the strongest economy and the highest immunization rates in the world,” Morrison said in a statement on Friday, emphasizing : “Australians have made many sacrifices during this pandemic and they have a right to expect the outcome of those sacrifices to be protected.”


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