North Korea tests ‘super-large warhead’, state media says

As of: April 20, 2024 9:54 a.m

North Korea has tested a “super-large warhead” for a strategic cruise missile, according to state media. In addition, a new type of anti-aircraft missile was launched.

North Korea conducted a cruise missile warhead test and the launch of a new anti-aircraft missile in Korea’s Western Sea on Friday. This was reported by the North Korean news agency KCNA.

The exercises included the performance test of an oversized warhead for the strategic cruise missile and the test launch of a new anti-aircraft missile, KCNA reported, citing the Missile Administration of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK). North Korea’s cruise missile is believed to be designed to carry a nuclear warhead.

Advance the operation of new weapon systems

The tests are part of the regular activities of the administration and its related defense science institutes to rapidly advance technology development and operation of new weapon systems, the KCNA report said. They are not related to the regional situation.

South Korea is monitoring activity

The South Korean military said several cruise missiles and anti-aircraft missiles were fired by North Korea on Friday. Pyongyang’s military activities are being “closely monitored” in order to be able to react in the event of a provocation.

Relations between North and South Korea are currently at a low point. North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un declared South Korea his country’s “main enemy” in January and announced that he would expand the development of weapons – including tactical nuclear weapons. In response, South Korea and the United States increased their defense cooperation.

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