“Nord bei Nordwest”: The bloody end of a double life

ARD crime thriller
The bloody end of a double life – that’s what the new episode of “Nord bei Nordwest” will be like.

Scene from “Nord bei Nordwest: The Double Lothar”: Veterinarian Jule Christiansen (Marleen Lohse) has to intervene with a bow and arrow, police trainee Mehmet Ösker (Cem Ali Gültekin) watches, spellbound

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One dead man, two wives – and agents of the Russian foreign secret service: In the new episode of “Nord bei Nordwest” the idyllic Schwanitz again becomes the scene of international complications.

Susanne Müller (Johanna Christine Gehlen) is worried: “Lottchen” has disappeared. Lottchen – that’s Lothar Müller. Her husband, with whom she lives in Schwanitz. Or is his name Lothar Meier? Because when the body is found, she has to The woman finds out that the dead man has a second family, Lisa Meier (Marie Hacke), just a few kilometers away in Travemünde.

Hauke ​​Jacobs (Hinnerk Schönemann) and Hannah Wagner (Jana Klinge) – supported by police intern Mehmet Ösker (Cem Ali Gültekin) and veterinarian Jule Christiansen (Marleen Lohse) – start investigating and soon find a connection to the Russian foreign secret service. She provides the explanation for the man’s mysterious double life.

A different color from “North by Northwest”

“The Double Lothar” is the second of three new episodes in the crime series “Nord bei Nordwest” – it differs radically from its predecessor. While “Goblin No. Four” was the perfect mix of Nordic noir and crime comedy with love elements, the film directed by leading actor Hinnerk Schönemann takes a completely different path: there is no trace of the sudden, unrestrained brutality, the murder does not happen shown. The darkly humorous elements surrounding the undertaker Töteberg are also omitted this time.

The whole drama of a man who lives with two families at the same time, each of which knows nothing about each other, is unfolded. In fact, this story is told so excitingly and sensitively that at the end you as a viewer understand the dead man – something that was unthinkable at the beginning.

“Nord bei Nordwest: The double Lothar” runs on Thursday, January 11th at 8:15 p.m. on Erste

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