Neymar accused of hidden work by an undocumented ex-domestic worker and assigned to the industrial tribunal

A woman, mother of three children, pregnant with her fourth, forced to work 7 days a week until two weeks before a premature birth… This is the nightmare experienced by a 35-year-old Brazilian woman, who was a housekeeper at the home of Neymar, in Bougival (Yvelines), when the former Barça player played for PSG, reports The ParisianWednesday.

The undocumented domestic worker works every day for sixty hours per week, twenty more than the conventional duration for such work. Above all, all these hours (paid in cash) are not declared by the now ex-PSG player and his entourage, who employ him to do various and very varied tasks, such as cleaning or taking care of children’s nails. Neymar’s wife.

Without news from Neymar’s entourage after giving birth to her fourth child, the domestic worker, without resources, is forced to turn to Secours populaire and Restos du coeur, reports the daily. While awaiting criminal proceedings, the young woman and her lawyers have decided to refer Neymar to the industrial tribunal for concealed work.

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