New Western by Kevin Costner: The star shows feelings at the premiere in Cannes

With the partly self-financed epic “Horizon: An American Saga,” Kevin Costner is fulfilling a project close to his heart. And he also cast his son Hayes in it. But the first part only sometimes gallops.

Cowboys good, Indians bad? Anyone who directs a film between these two poles these days is quickly accused of thinking that their western is out of date. Nevertheless, “Horizon”, Kevin Costner’s new major project, begins with two massacres of settlers who had just made themselves comfortable at a bend in the river in 1859.

First the Apaches shoot arrows into the first surveyors, including a small boy, and garnish the corpses with their feathers as a warning. Then they burn down an entire tent city and its inhabitants. Anyone who cannot escape in time is classically scalped. The cavalry is too late.

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