New development area in Berg am Laim: Fewer apartments for seniors than desired – Munich

100 new urban and therefore affordable apartments only for seniors: The green-red town hall coalition wanted to achieve this goal in the new development area on Truderinger Strasse. But a lot fewer are likely to be possible, initially only 15 such apartments for older people. The planning department recently communicated this result to the city council, the responsible planning committee took note of the result – and voted with a large majority to include at least one addition in the resolution: namely that the target groups for the 212 subsidized apartments of Münchner Wohnen “through the additional The group of seniors should be supplemented.

The committee debate was triggered by a motion from November 2022, with which the SPD/Volt and Green/Rosa List factions wanted to commission the then municipal housing company Gewofag, which has since been absorbed into Münchner Wohnen, specifically to develop age-appropriate housing for seniors to work towards Truderinger Straße. They named the target number of around 100 such residential units.

The new building project near the Berg am Laim S-Bahn station includes a total of 820 apartments that two private investors want to build; they are obliged by city regulations (socially fair land use, Sobon for short) to also build a portion of subsidized housing. One investor, the Büschl Group from Grünwald, agreed some time ago with what was then Gewofag that the municipal company would buy the subsidized apartments and take them over on a turnkey basis. From the city’s perspective, this has the advantage that the apartments remain affordable indefinitely. If they were privately sponsored, they would have fallen out of social security after 25 years.

In the draft resolution for the city council, the planning department argues that the Green-Red proposal for such a high proportion of age-appropriate living space came too late. According to city planning officer Elisabeth Merk, this would require architectural re-planning, which would enormously delay the project, which has already been largely designed. However, 15 apartments can still be set up specifically for older people.

In the committee debate, the opposition CSU/Free Voters and FDP/Bavarian Party factions argued that the coalition’s proposal was purely symbolic from the outset. Simone Burger (SPD) opposed this. But she admitted that they had hoped for more. And she assured that her group would continue to work to alleviate the housing shortage for seniors in Munich. The textual addition that Green-Red introduced with an amendment is an important step in this direction. The CSU then said that the addition didn’t change much, but since they shared its content, they agreed. The only vote against the amendment came from Jörg Hoffmann (FDP).

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