New debates about the Interfranken industrial area in Middle Franconia – Bavaria

In the 1990s, a huge industrial park was planned in Middle Franconia, but then nothing happened for a long time. Now the project is apparently gaining new momentum. The head of the State Chancellery has made a surprising statement – and the critics are alarmed.

This year, State Chancellor Florian Herrmann’s Father’s Day trip took him to sparsely populated western Central Franconia. A photo of the Franconian State Newspaper shows him on a green meadow, surrounded by local CSU politicians. Everyone is looking intently into the distance. As if there were already something to be seen there of the ambitious project that has been haunting the area for three decades, seemed to have been buried for years and is now experiencing new momentum – to the dismay of many locals and nature conservationists. Eight small communities, with a combined population of less than 30,000, want to build a huge industrial park.

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