new complaints against the individual obsessed with women’s veins

The affair was already sordid. It is now taking a frightening turn. On October 12, a 40-year-old man, well known in Breton cultural circles, was found guilty of illegal practice of the nursing profession and of sexual assault by the Saint-Brieuc criminal court and sentenced to three years of prison, including two suspended probation. Former elected mayor of Quimper and boss of an audiovisual production company, the forty-something had, by his own admission, an obsession for the veins of women.

To attract his victims and draw their blood from them, he had found a ploy. Offering them to participate in a pseudo-medical experiment, he received the women at his home or he traveled to their homes with all the necessary medical equipment.

Tongues loosen since the trial

The sessions were filmed in order to observe the reactions of the victims. Some of them had also been touched. Five women had filed a complaint and testified during the trial.

Since the media coverage of this affair, languages ​​have been loosened in Brittany. According to the Quimper prosecutor, contacted by 20 minutes, “The police officers of the Quimper police station collected thirteen complaints and heard four other people who did not wish to file a complaint”. “These seventeen women denounce illegal practices of the nursing profession and for four of them acts of sexual assault or harassment”, specifies Carine Halley. The facts denounced are spread over a period between 2014 and 2020 and were committed in a large majority in Quimper.

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