Nebraska: US police stop car with Watusi cop as passenger

US police stop car with Watusi cop as a passenger

The Watusi bull named Howdy Doody in Lee Meyer’s car. photo

© Uncredited/News Channel Nebraska/AP/dpa

The officials were amazed: A full-grown bull with meter-long horns is driving in a middle-class car – as a passenger. The personal details of the animal? Howdy Doody.

Lee Meyer from Neligh in the US state is where the passenger sits in the car for others Nebraska a live bull with meter-long horns. According to a local television station, he got away with a warning from the police on Wednesday. Around 10:00 a.m. local time, the officials received calls about the mid-size car, in the right half of which the Watussirind was standing and the roof had been cut out.

At first, the police assumed it was a small calf, local television station News Channel Nebraska said. However, when they took a look at the vehicle and the adult animal with meter-long horns, they issued some warnings about traffic hazards. Owner Meyer explained that his animal was called Howdy Doody and was allowed to drive home with him.


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