Nearly 99.5% of Avalanche (AVAX) investors are losing money after the price plummeted to $10.14, a multi-year low.

brutal bear market Still having a significant impact on the price of Avalanche (AVAX), the latest slowdown not only extended its weekly losses in excess of 17%, but also pushed the crypto asset to multi-year lows. At $10.14, this results in the number of AVAX holders, almost 99.5% of which, according to IntoTheBlock’s recent findings.

previous low was recorded in June following the UST and Terra’s LUNA eruptions, followed by December. A month after FTX’s bankruptcy, however, IntoTheBlock revealThis is the first time that almost all AVAX holders are losing money.

In fact, AVAX prices are under a lot of pressure. Because tokens are about to be unlocked. It is valued at $99 million and is scheduled to be released on August 26 and is expected to further increase pressure on prices.

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