Nature: Schopf-Tintling is mushroom of the year 2024

Schopf-Tintling is Mushroom of the Year 2024

The Crested Tintling is the mushroom of the year. photo

© Gerhard Schuster/German Society for Mycology/dpa

If a white mushroom head peeks out of a crack in asphalt or concrete, it could be a crested tintling. It is also known as asparagus mushroom.

Its stems resemble white Asparagus and it grows almost everywhere: the crested tintling has been named mushroom of the year 2024 by the German Society for Mycology (DGFM). He can be recognized by his white, cylindrical hat, which looked like a hairy mop with its protruding scales, as the society announced on Saturday at a conference in Lehesten, Thuringia.

Young crested tintlings (Coprinus comatus) are therefore good and popular edible mushrooms. Because its long, straight stem resembles white asparagus and the smell and taste are reminiscent of asparagus, it is also known as the asparagus mushroom. Within its genus (Tintlings; Coprinus) it is the only edible mushroom. However, it spoils quickly, so it can neither be sold on markets nor cultivated as a cultivated mushroom.

Crested Tintlings can be found after rainy periods from May to November. According to the society, even nitrogen-rich meadows or lawns cannot harm them, while the populations of most other fungal species are decreasing due to agricultural fertilization. Crested Tintlings even grow on gravel or tarred paths, even through cracks in the asphalt surface or from concrete gaps.

The mushroom is also valued in Far Eastern medicine: According to the society, it is said to regulate blood sugar levels and promote digestion.

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