NATO: Ukraine aid: Stoltenberg calls for a stronger alliance role

Ukraine aid: Stoltenberg calls for a stronger alliance role

The Secretary General of NATO: Jens Stoltenberg. photo

© Virginia Mayo/AP/dpa

NATO boss Stoltenberg wants to make the alliance the central hub for Ukraine. A 100 billion proposal is intended to secure Kiev in the long term. But lurking in the background are concerns about Trump’s return.

At the start of a meeting of foreign ministers of the alliance states, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg called for a significantly stronger role for the military alliance in supporting Ukraine.

The aim is to discuss how NATO could take on more responsibility for coordinating arms deliveries and training activities, said Stoltenberg in Brussels. In addition, multi-year financial commitments are needed to maintain support.

“Any delay in providing support currently has consequences on the battlefield,” said Stoltenberg, referring to Russia’s recent major attacks. It is therefore about creating a new dynamic and relying more on solid, multi-year NATO commitments than on voluntary contributions. “We must ensure reliable and predictable security assistance to Ukraine in the long term,” Stoltenberg said.

Five years of military support worth 100 billion euros

Stoltenberg initially did not want to comment publicly on the details of his plans. According to diplomats, he specifically proposed pledging military support worth 100 billion euros to Ukraine over the next five years. Final decisions are to be made at the alliance summit in July in Washington. In order for the plans to be implemented, a consensus is needed among the member states.

The USA is currently taking the lead in coordinating arms deliveries to Ukraine. They regularly organize meetings at their air force base in Ramstein in Rhineland-Palatinate or, for example, in Brussels. However, there is concern in NATO that the USA could significantly reduce or even stop its commitment to Ukraine if Republican Donald Trump wins the presidential election in November.


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