Nationwide rail strike in Bavaria – Bavaria

On Friday, the EVG union wants to paralyze rail traffic in Bavaria from 3 a.m. to 11 a.m. The action is part of a nationwide warning strike in the ongoing tariff conflict and is intended to affect long-distance and regional transport, S-Bahn trains and train buses, as the EVG has announced. The regional railway lines operated by competitors of Deutsche Bahn are also affected. The railways expect regional traffic to be disrupted into the afternoon.

Long-distance traffic is to be gradually resumed from 1 p.m. Here the railway expects restrictions until the early evening hours.

Disturbances are also to be expected beyond the rails. Specifically, the following bus networks are involved: RVO in Upper Bavaria, RVA in Allgäu, RBO in East Bavaria, RBA in Augsburg, OVF in Franconia and VU Untermain around Aschaffenburg. Local public transport with buses, trams and subways is not affected this time.

In negotiations with the industry, the EVG demands at least 650 euros more per month for employees or twelve percent for the upper income groups and a term of twelve months for the collective agreement. The state-owned railway was recently open to accepting the most recent arbitration award in the public service wage dispute as a guide. The EVG rejects this.

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