Nationality: Actress Katharina Böhm wants to become German

Actress Katharina Böhm wants to become German

The actress Katharina Böhm is known from the ZDF series «Die Bossin». Photo: Horst Galuschka / dpa

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The Austrian Katharina Böhm is aiming for German citizenship. There is only one problem: “The paperwork involved is a nightmare,” says the actress.

The actress Katharina Böhm (56), known from the ZDF series “Die Bossin”, would like to be German and be eligible to vote in this country in her own words.

“I am currently aiming for German citizenship, but the associated paperwork is a nightmare for me,” said the Austrian of the “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung”. She can no longer find her old certificates: “And if I can’t find them, I have to take a Goethe certificate in German. I’m good at technical things, I’m good at the garden, but paperwork is a nightmare come true. “

The popular actress did not take part in the federal election in September: “The election was actually the reason why I started trying to apply for German citizenship two years ago.” In office she then spoke to a very nice lady who sent her all the documents the next day: “Then I got this list – and immediately collapsed.”

Katharina Böhm, daughter of film star Karlheinz Böhm (“Sissi”, “Eyes of Fear”, “Martha”) and granddaughter of the conductor Karl Böhm, has only Austrian citizenship to this day, even if she has been with her since she was four with short interruptions Parents’ home in the Ebersberg district east of Munich.


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