Music: Pianist Lang Lang’s family regularly changes continents

Pianist Lang Lang’s family regularly changes continents

Gina Alice Redlinger, German-South Korean pianist, and Lang Lang, pianist from China, change continents with their son about every two months. photo

© Scott A Garfitt/Invision/dpa

The world-famous pianist Lang Lang and his wife gave insights into their family life in an interview. The birth of his son “changed everything” for the global star.

Star pianist Lang Lang (41) and his wife Gina Alice Redlinger (29) move continents about every two months with their three-year-old son. The family moves regularly between their three places of residence: Shanghai, Paris and New York, said the world-famous musician in an interview with the magazine “Bunte” published on Thursday.

“It requires a lot of organization, but our son Winston doesn’t know any different,” explained Gina Alice, who also travels a lot as an influencer, model, musician and TV star.

He became an early riser for his son

“Being a parent really changes everything. For Winston, I’ve become an early riser,” said Lang Lang, who became a father during the corona pandemic. “I’ve been a night owl all my life. Today I take the first flight to be home between performances.” Basically, family life works in this way thanks to his mother’s help, but sometimes he has to slow down his wife “when she is too exhausted. Then I ask her to pay more attention to herself.”

For Redlinger, family life only works “because Lang Lang is such a loving and modern husband. He is the superstar and outshines everything, at the same time he supports my dreams in every possible way and is totally happy about my success.”


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