Munich: Three police operations in four hours because of threats with knives – Munich

The police support command (USK) had to be deployed three times within four hours on Monday night because it was ordered to provide reinforcements in threatening situations with knives. All missions ended lightly.

During the first operation on Sunday around 9 p.m., the subtenants of an 80-year-old woman in the Am Hart district, a 46-year-old waiter and a 23-year-old cook, clashed. When the waiter, who was drunk with 1.7 per thousand, threatened his roommate with a 30 centimeter long kitchen knife, he fled the apartment and called the police. Around 15 patrol cars including USK rushed to the apartment building, where they arrested the 46-year-old without resistance. He is already known for fraud and theft.

Shortly after midnight, a 31-year-old woman in Riem argued with her 45-year-old partner, injuring him superficially on the right hand with two knives about 20 centimeters long. This man also fled the apartment and informed the police, who came along with the USK. The officers temporarily arrested the woman, who was not mentally disturbed for the first time, and took her to a clinic.

Around one o’clock the police were called by a 39-year-old in Untermenzing. She stated that her husband was rioting and had beaten her. When the woman left the apartment with her son, she had observed how the 44-year-old armed himself with outdoor knives.

That’s why around a dozen patrol cars and the USK came in this case too. After the obviously drunk man barricaded himself in the apartment, he was overpowered when he opened the door. He was charged with assault and received a temporary ban on contact with his wife.

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