Munich: Threats at the Luisengymnasium – Munich

Because a message appeared on a board for the second day in a row, the school management decided to suspend classes for security reasons. The police are investigating.

The municipal Luisengymnasium in Maxvorstadt was evacuated on Thursday morning after a threat was discovered on a board in the school building for the second time. Such a letter had already been found on Wednesday. When a handwritten threat reappeared on a board, the school management decided to shut down school operations at 10 a.m. as a precaution because of a possible danger.

The parents were informed: “In order to enable police investigations, classes will end early today.” The students were sent home or looked after in the sports hall. As the police announced, the students left the building in an orderly manner. The linguistically and musically oriented Luisengymnasium is the oldest urban high school in Munich. It was founded in 1822 for “higher daughters” by Simon Spitzweg, the father of the painter Carl Spitzweg.


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