Munich: Swimmers save lifeless man from Feldmochinger See – Munich

Three swimmers rescued an elderly man from Lake Feldmoching on Saturday. They discovered the 75-year-old’s lifeless body floating in the water and pulled him to the bank, as the Munich district water rescue service announced on Monday. There they started with chest compressions and made an emergency call.

Just a few minutes later, the emergency services from the water rescue service stationed at the lake in the north of Munich took over the resuscitation measures, and later an emergency doctor. The older man was ultimately transported to the shock room of a Munich clinic while undergoing resuscitation. It is said that there is no information available about the current state of health of the injured person. The water rescue service explicitly praises the “courageous and selfless action of the swimmers”, which is “life-saving” in such a situation.

A few hours later, rescuers went on another mission at Lake Feldmoching – although it is not clear whether it is related to the first case. According to the water rescue service, a search for missing persons was started shortly before five after passers-by reported items of clothing on the bank whose owner had not returned for several hours.

Emergency services from the water rescue service, DLRG, police, fire brigade and rescue service used hand-held sonar and a diver to search for a person in the lake for an hour – but without success. It has not yet been clarified whether the clothing may be that of the elderly man who was rescued at midday. The police took over the further investigation.

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