Munich premiere of the documentary “Hunter from Elsewhere” – Munich

Where it says “premiere” it doesn’t always have to be a premiere: “Hunter from Elsewhere – A Journey with Helen Britton”, for example, already celebrated in 2021 Doc Fest its world premiere, after which Elena Alvarez Lutz’s documentary was shown several times in Munich, including at the Filmkunstwochen and the film series “Lets-Dok”. Now the film portrait of the Australian artist Helen Britton, who is known for her imaginative pieces of jewelry (for example, necklaces made from scrap metal or bracelets made from tools) is celebrating its premiere once again – which of course makes it no less worth seeing.

The reason for this is the film’s official release in German cinemas on March 7th. The director and her protagonist are coming to the Theatiner cinema on February 29th, and there will be a film discussion following the screening. In the following days, a special series called “Carte blanche for Helen Britton” will take place in the same cinema, with six films selected by the Munich-based artist being shown: the 1990s hit “The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert” ( on March 1st), Tommy Lee Jones’ 2005 neo-western “Three Burials” (March 2nd) or Nicolas Humbert’s documentary “Step Across The Border” about the British musician Fred Frith (March 4th).

Hunter from Elsewhere – A Journey with Helen Britton, Thu., Feb. 29, 8 p.m., Theatin film artTheatinerstrasse 32

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