Munich: Neuhauser want to consider the castle area for high-rise buildings – Munich

Neuhausen-Nymphenburg’s local politicians want the appearance of the Nymphenburg Palace to be protected in its entirety in the future. The citizens’ representatives, in whose district two skyscrapers, each 155 meters high, are to be built around the old parcel post hall, call for the castle and the castle area to be treated “more specifically” in the high-rise study. So far, the study, which is intended as an “orientation aid for the classification of high-rise projects in the urban structure” and which is currently still available in draft form, has only considered the central central axis, but not the extensive castle rondel and its frame by the so-called cavalier houses. However, the politicians are not calling for a buffer zone around the palace area, as is planned for the Olympic Park.

Previously, Elke Wendrich, spokeswoman for the Bavarian monument network, had made it clear that she considered the construction of the two parcel post area skyscrapers to be “damage” and “intolerable impairment” of the Nymphenburg Palace monument. And another aspect is important to the district committee (BA) Neuhausen-Nymphenburg: climate neutrality in high-rise construction. According to the committee, simply wanting to reduce CO₂ consumption is not enough. In particular, the construction area at the parcel post hall, said Greens parliamentary group spokesman Nikolai Lipkowitz, “should already have exemplary character”.

The third wish in the context of the district committee hearing on the study concerns citizen participation. “We want,” said Gudrun Piesczek (CSU), chairwoman of the subcommittee on construction and urban planning, “that the public should be involved in such building projects at a very early stage.” Ideally, before a competition. The district committee had “positive experiences” with the citizens’ report on the 155-meter towers.

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