Munich: Illegal gambling in the Sendlinger pub – Munich

“Bingo!!!” Again and again the triumphant shouts of lucky winners echoed through the house near the Harras. It’s been like this since November. Until the inhabitants of the café gave up and called the police, more than once. The officials quickly noticed that the sometimes 70, sometimes 100 people they met in the pub were not only interested in the whiskey, beer and snacks that were advertised on the boards. They also didn’t flock to the slot machines. They played bingo as a game of chance. And that’s illegal.

Because of the suspicion of the unauthorized organization of a lottery, the Munich I public prosecutor’s office initiated investigations against the three 24, 50 and 53-year-old restaurant operators. On the night of Monday, the deafening call “Bingo!” rang out for the last time. Officials from Commissariat 33, a public prosecutor and representatives of the restaurant department in the district administration department visited the restaurant on Plinganserstrasse in Sendling. The police seized thousands of euros in cash. According to the police, the restaurant will be closed due to further violations of the restaurant law.

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