Munich: How an assistant doctor perceives the fight against Corona – Munich

What is it like to get started in the hospital the moment the corona pandemic breaks out? About starting a career as an assistant doctor at the absolute limit.


Susi Wimmer

Helping people, tackling exciting medical cases, finding solutions, constantly learning something new: this is how medical student Sofia Schober (Name changed) presented their professional life. But no sooner was she an assistant doctor at a Munich clinic than she found herself in a science fiction scenario: An unknown virus spread in Munich, the 27-year-old stood alone with a colleague in the first corona ward of her clinic, tense , anxious and also a little helpless. Because she was a young assistant doctor, she was selected because senior physicians do not do ward duty. “That’s how the hospital works,” she says. There were no work instructions, “we didn’t know what to expect”.

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