Munich: Flamingos in the Hellabrunn Zoo get a new enclosure – Munich

In the past seven months, the flamingos at the Munich zoo have had to leave their traditional quarters and live next to the pelicans. But the animals didn’t like that at all, says Verena Dietl, mayor and chairman of the zoo’s supervisory board. Now the birds seem to be doing well again. The new aviary for some of the endangered birds was opened on Monday. The animals have been a figurehead for Hellabrunn for more than 40 years, and one of the two entrances was named after them. Now the 95 flamingos can welcome visitors again.

The conversion of the enclosure was necessary for species-appropriate animal husbandry. A net over the enclosure now protects the animals from foxes or falling branches, says zoo director Rasem Baban. The flamingos can easily build their nesting mounds on the large island with a special clay soil. The island is surrounded by a large expanse of water that is not too deep for the flamingos to stand comfortably in it. It is also possible for the animals to fly in the large aviary. As a result, there is no need to shorten the flight feathers, which restricts the ability to fly.

A fence protects the animals from foxes and falling branches.

(Photo: Florian Peljak)

According to the zoo, the conversion cost almost 700,000 euros. The lion’s enclosure is currently being renovated, the wolf’s enclosure is almost finished. The meerkat enclosure has also been revised, says Baban. Last year, a sleeping cave dug by the animals themselves collapsed, none of the four animals survived. “But there is always a residual risk.” There are also accidents in the wild. With the new flamingo facility, a safe life is now also possible for the birds again, says Dietl.

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