Munich: City Council wants to develop green spaces – complaint announced – Munich

The city council faction of the ÖDP and Munich-List wants to complain to the government of Upper Bavaria because the planning committee of the Munich city council approved several construction projects on Wednesday that, in their opinion, contradict the recently agreed protection of green spaces. The first reported on Friday Real Estate Newspaper. In a statement, Tobias Ruff, the parliamentary group leader of the ÖDP/Munich list and spokesman for the citizens’ initiative “Preserve green spaces”, reserved the right to take further legal action.

On Wednesday, the planning committee dealt with six building projects that had basically already been decided upon, but were to be reviewed again after a green-black city council majority took over the citizens’ petition at the beginning of March. It was also about the construction of a total of around 4500 apartments. Result of the meeting: Five projects with more than 3000 apartments should continue as originally planned.

There was great disappointment in the ranks of the ÖDP and Munich-List about this decision. “In not a single case were alternatives sufficiently examined by the administration to enable the different interests to be weighed up,” criticized Ruff and announced: “We cannot and will not accept that.”

The city council had accepted the demands of the citizens’ petition for the preservation of green spaces, but subject to the city’s planning sovereignty. But at least a “sensible consideration” of all interests, including the need for housing, was promised. “The fact that there was still no rethinking is a slap in the face to the citizens,” says Ruff. The fact that the Greens and the CSU initially voted to take over the citizens’ initiative and now voted against its implementation in the city council, he called one of “the biggest local political scandals of the last few decades”.

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