Munich-Bogenhausen: homeowners and construction workers hold burglars – Munich

Two courageous people from Munich helped the police to catch a burglar. Together with an accomplice, the Munich suspect is said to have entered several houses in the Bogenhausen district on Monday morning.

According to the police, the burglars first searched a single-family home on Kulmer Strasse, but did not steal anything there. A little later, a witness saw the two men climb over a garden fence. If challenged, they would have claimed to be the gardeners of this property. In a third burglary, the two would have stolen 14,000 euros.

The resident of the family home on Soldauer Strasse discovered signs of a break-in and two men on the balcony. He followed the fugitives who had a red sports bag with them. Together with a construction worker, he was able to hold one of them. The 35-year-old only had 2,000 euros from the burglary with him. The other man escaped.

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