Munich: apartment owner caught burglar on the balcony – Munich

The police registered two burglaries in Moosach in the north of Munich on Friday – in one case it was an attempt because the owner of the apartment foiled the burglary. When he was investigating suspicious noises around 6 p.m., he caught a stranger on his balcony trying to pry open the balcony door, the police report. When the perpetrator noticed that someone was at home, he jumped off the balcony and fled.

A burglar had more success at a house nearby, who was reported two hours later via an emergency call. He stole jewelry worth several thousand euros. The police are assuming the same perpetrator because of the temporal and spatial proximity of the two crime scenes.

Finally, on Saturday evening, a man from Allach coming home met a masked male figure on his property, who immediately fled without taking any prey.

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