Mulled wine was yesterday: mulled gin is the winter trend drink of 2022

Christmas drink
Alternative to mulled wine: mulled gin is the trend drink in winter 2022

The 2022 glow gin trend doesn’t work without fruit. Star anise, cinnamon and other herbs join the apple

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When the temperature drops, the glass glows. In 2022 fine palates refine but no wine with cloves, cinnamon & co. The gin is due.

At some point, usually between the sixth and eighth cup of the fifth visit to the Christmas market with colleagues, even the biggest mulled wine fan stares empty-eyed into the tankard and has had the sweet Christmas drink. Alternatives are needed. For gin lovers, the glow gin will be available in 2022. Essentially, it differs from mulled wine in only one point: instead of wine, clove, star anise, cinnamon, organs & co. refine gin with a dash of apple juice. I’ll get it.

Bad Hangover Mulled Wine Gin: Gin that helps cats

Bad hangover? Rather less. This glow gin has just 17 percent alcohol by volume. Pleasure drinkers should therefore wake up without a pounding head. If the gin is too strong for you, you can also mix it with fruit juice. The manufacturer recommends a mixture of two-thirds mulled wine and one-third juice. Apple juice is a good choice. Nice: According to its own statement, “Böser Kater” supports cat protection with every bottle you buy.

V-Senses glow gin & berry: from the Black Forest

With 15 percent by volume it is a little more frugal Gin from V-Senses. The distillery in the Black Forest has set itself the task of bringing its homeland to the tongues of all people with all their senses. In the Christmas season, this succeeds with the “Glüh-Gin & Berry”, which is mainly characterized by a raspberry note. According to the manufacturer, the Christmas gin can be refined with orange slices, cinnamon, cloves or a dash of apple juice if required.

Glowing Gin Trend 2022: Winter Wonderland Gin

Attention: The Winter Wonderland Christmas Gin is not a glow gin in the true sense. With 42 percent by volume, it is only conditionally suitable for unmixed tasting. But it can serve as the basis for a mulled gin. To do this, simply add cinnamon, cloves, star anise and apple juice to the gin and heat it up. Finished.

Ginsanity: Totally crazy, the gin lovers

The glow gin is the logical consequence of the still ongoing gin trend. This has always been fueled by self-proclaimed gin connoisseurs who are also familiar with rum and whiskey and whose man-bun tries to cover up their thinning hair. They usually do their mischief at “casual” gatherings of middle-aged people who invite them to so-called “tastings” (in German: drinking) in lovingly furnished apartments.

The gin connoisseur usually knows everything about gin and likes to refine his own with unpronounceable tonic waters that can only be bought on the internet (or in a very specific supermarket in Thailand). With wide eyes, he looks hopefully at the other guests as they sip his spiced gin and tonic creations. Of course he doesn’t skimp on the question of how it tastes and satisfaction graces his face when it actually does that to the ignorant.

ginsanity that’s what you call it. If all this is too complicated for you, simply grab a bottle of glow gin from the manufacturer of the same name. But you don’t want to drink it neat. Because of its 40 percent volume, two shots of apple juice should refine it.

Mulled Gin Gintastic: For lazy gin drinkers

Preparing these is even easier “Essence” of glow gin. According to the manufacturer, you simply have to mix the gin with water in a 1:1 ratio and heat it up, and the glow gin is ready. In addition to gin and apple juice, the mixture also contains cinnamon and ginger. Cheers.

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