More than 3,500 refugees already arrived in Pays-de-la-Loire

Two months after the start of the war in Ukraine, people continue to flee the country. While France has set itself the goal of welcoming 100,000 refugees, more than 3,500 of them have already arrived in Pays-de-la-Loire, out of a forecast of 7,000, the prefecture said on Thursday. After a large flow of spontaneous arrivals, the nationals who have reached the region in recent days are in fact coming from other territories in France, in particular from Ile-de-France, where the requests for care are particularly important. .

In the region, these refugees are mainly oriented in Loire-Atlantique. “As of April 27, a total of 1,296 people (adults and minors) have been received in the department and 724 temporary residence permits have been granted under temporary protection”, specifies the prefecture. Accompanied by associations, nearly 200 people are temporarily housed there in hotels in Nantes, Saint-Nazaire, Ancenis, Divatte-sur-Loire and around 170 have already been rehoused by State services in autonomous accommodation, offered by local communities.

Citizen accommodation is also available. For the volunteers, the census of housing offered by individuals is still in progress via a online platform. According to the prefecture, 492 minors are already enrolled in a school in the region. They will soon be a thousand.

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